Premium Quality Cocoa Naturally Grown

Our cocoa is grown naturally by us without the use of artificial chemicals or fertilisers. Once harvested we carefully ferment and dry our cocoa to produce consistently high quality beans.

What is Cocoa?

The Cocoa tree is native to the Amazon rainforest and was first domesticated there over 5000 years ago, the tree will only grow in a limited geographical zone about 10% north and 10% south of the equator.

Straddling the equator and with a tropical climate Uganda is perfectly placed to grow excellent cocoa. Cocoa has been grown in Uganda since the plant was introduced to the country in the early 1900s. Our cocoa is an integral part of our forest and thrives amongst the hardwood trees surrounding and sheltering it.

Why Choose Our Cocoa?

There are many reasons to choose our cocoa:

Naturally grown without out the use of chemicals or fertilisers

Sustainably grown in our forest nursery

Carefully hand picked and cured by us

Supplied direct from the grower

Exceptional quality and flavour