High Quality Hibiscus, Rich in Antioxidants

Our carefully selected hibiscus variety produces an unusually deep red calyx which is particularly high in antioxidants and brews to produce a fantastic caffeine free tea suitable to be enjoyed hot or cold.

Our hibiscus is grown naturally by us without the use of chemicals or fertilisers.

What is Hibiscus Sabdariffais?

Hibiscus Sabdariffa is a shrub native to West Africa, varieties of which are now grown widely across Africa, Asia and the West Indies.

When the petals drop the base of the flower swells to become a fleshy red calyx surrounding the seeds. The calyx, when dried, can be used to produce a strong astringent tea rich in antioxidants and often used in traditional medicines as a treatment for high blood pressure.

Why Choose Our Hibiscus?

There are many reasons to choose our hibiscus:

Exceptionally rich in antioxidants

Naturally grown without the use of chemicals or fertilisers

Sustainably grown

Hand picked and dried