A Sustainable Forest on Buvuma Island, Uganda

Our forest nursery covers over 500 acres and is located on Buvuma Island in Uganda. Buvuma, the largest island in Lake Victoria, is located 30 miles north of the equator close to the source of the river Nile and the town of Jinja.

Until recently Buvuma was covered by hardwood forest but the majority of this forest has now been felled for timber and a large proportion of the island is due to be planted with oil palms.

What is Forest Farming?

Forest farming is the cultivation of crops under a managed forest canopy, normally this would allow crops to be grown on forested ground without the need to remove the trees and so avoiding the negative environmental consequences of deforestation.

On Buvuma the trees have already been removed and the soils have started to suffer the consequences of erosion and depletion by intensive agriculture. Adopting a forest farming system gives us the opportunity to restore the local environment by replanting a diverse forest which will protect and regenerate the soil, improve biodiversity and provide a much needed habitat for wildlife.

100,000 Trees Planted

Our project embraces a different, more natural, approach to managing the land, an approach which serves as an example of sustainable farming.

So far we have planted over 100,000 trees to create a forest replicating the one that has been lost.