Premium Quality Vanilla Grown Naturally

All our premium quality vanilla is grown by us in our vanilla nursery distributed amongst a forest of 100,000 trees planted by us since 2017. This forest provides the perfect natural environment for our vanilla vines to thrive and produce exceptionally large, high quality pods.

We grow our vanilla naturally without the use of artificial chemicals or fertilisers. After harvest our vanilla is carefully hand graded and expertly cured by us to ensure you get the best premium quality pods possible.

What is Vanilla Planifolia?

Vanilla planifolia is a variety of vanilla orchid native to the rainforests of Mexico and Belize, the pods of the orchid contain a particularly high concentration of vanillin the compound which provides the distinctive flavour of vanilla.

This orchid has been farmed in its native area since the early 12th century and is now also grown in select parts of the tropics where the climate is suitable.

Vanilla pods drying

Why Choose Our Vanilla Pods?

There are many reasons to choose our vanilla:

Naturally grown without out the use of chemicals or fertilisers

Sustainably grown in our forest nursery

Carefully hand picked by us

Expertly cured by us

Supplied direct from the grower

Exceptional quality and flavour